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What a Simple Day Trip to Big Sur Taught Me

Slow Down & Rest

When a recent day trip to Big Sur consisted of driving for 5 hours with my husband and wandering the California coast for the rest of the day without service, it really forced us to pause and helped me rest. There was room to breathe. There was room to actually spend an hour on a beach, eating cheese and crackers and talking about traveling and baby names. There was time to stop for hours while we wandered the rocky bluffs and I practiced filming. My creative heart was so happy!

Sometimes I forget to slow down. When life gets busy, I often give into distractions and let my thoughts spin over the things on my to-do list. But, something has changed in me since this trip. While I’m still just as busy, I’m finding it easier to stop what I’m doing and go for a walk, call a friend or simply pray. There’s a small voice reminding me my plans are only what I make them up to be. It is so freeing…

Love the One You’re With

While we explored the coast and made new sweet memories, Stetson and I felt free. We were simply enjoying quality time, which happens to be at the top of our love language lists. It felt so natural and yet so new to me, which led me to thinking… isn’t that how it should always be? I want to focus on quality time together, regardless of the quantity of time spent. Those are the memories that our minds take in… the ones we will remember in 20 years. 

After experiencing a sudden loss in our family this week, I’m reminded, any day, the ones we love can be taken away. We are not in control of everything in our lives, no matter how hard we try. The best we can do is love the ones who are with us today, because love and joyful memories will conquer any pain we feel when they are gone. 

Enjoy the Process

I’ve always been fascinated with videography, especially wedding films and music videos. So, practicing my hand at it was definitely intimidating. However, I found that during our trip, I was in such a good mood because I didn’t have distractions. I was having so much fun just filming the waves and rocks (and basically everything I could see… Big Sur is breathtaking).

There was no pressure. I simply had my camera, my love, and our dog as company. It was all I needed to sit in my creativity and be inspired. There is something so important about this space. We need to make more room for it. Not just to practice our art or hobby, but in our relationships. I believe God wants us to chase this distraction-free living and let go of the pressure we put on ourselves and others. 

The process of slowing down is certainly not easy. But, if we can learn to show up and enjoy every chance we get for an adventure, a coffee date, a road trip, or a simple phone call with a friend, I believe we can slowly learn what it means to love and live creatively. 


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