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When a recent day trip to Big Sur consisted of driving for 5 hours with my husband and wandering the California coast for the rest of the day without service, it really forced us to pause and helped me rest. There was room to breathe. There was room to actually spend an hour on a beach, eating cheese and crackers and talking about traveling and baby names. There was time to stop for hours while we wandered the rocky bluffs and I practiced filming. My creative heart was so happy!


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One of my favorite things about doing portrait sessions with young families is every moment is unpredictable. What three-year-old wants to sit still and smile at the camera for minutes, after all? With limited time and light, as well as the distractions that arise with little ones, family sessions have become a rewarding challenge for me. 


I'm Kirsten

Filled by Jesus, family and creativity, I spend my days capturing the memories we want to remember for a lifetime. Your story is one-of-a-kind and full of love. It's my passion to help you see the beauty in every moment, from newborn snuggles to favorite hikes to family time in the kitchen.

I believe in honest moments, sleeping in on Sundays, and quality time with the ones we love; in images that remind us there is joy in the small things. I believe in gallery walls that remind you of your "why" every day you look at those moments in print. When I pick up my camera, I strive to create timeless and emotional images that tell a story and showcase your natural beauty.


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