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How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Party

Congrats! You’re engaged! This is one of the most special seasons in your relationship and it deserves to be celebrated with the ones you love most. I put together this guide to plan the perfect engagement party with the help of my friend Sarah, San Luis Obispo Wedding Planner at Embark Event Design.

I know we are eagerly anticipating the shelter-at-home orders to be lifted in small ways. Once we are able to gather again, even in small groups, it will make parties like this so meaningful and memorable! Consider these tips as you prepare to celebrate your engagement with family and friends once it is socially acceptable again! It’s sure to be an amazing event!

Planning the Perfect Engagement Party Guide by Kirsten Bullard Photography and Embark Event Design

Consider Your Engagement Party Invite List

Think about who you want to share this memory with. There is no pressure to create your whole wedding guest list, but consider who is in your close circle and would appreciate an invite. Perhaps you want a more formal party where you can include extended family, or you’re a “pizza and wine with friends” type. This will help guide your decisions as you create an experience for everyone who will attend.

Create a Consistent Style

It’s helpful to commit to a color palette, theme, or design element that will guide your design choices. You can use this to highlight your personalities and elements of your unique love story.

It is always fun to include special moments that mean something to you as a couple. Perhaps you design your menu based on your first date location, or create a playlist inspired by the first concert you saw together. Tying in elements that make your guests say “this is so them!” is the best way to leave a lasting impression. 

Invest in a Quality Caterer

Guests will remember how they felt and when taste buds are happy and tummies are full, everyone is happy. If you are hosting your engagement party in the same area that your wedding will be held, this is also a great way to try out a caterer that has potential to be your wedding caterer as well. Think of the party as a test drive to evaluate quality, taste, and service.

Add Details that You and Your Engagement Party Guests Will Appreciate

If beautiful details and floral arrangements make your heart sing, invest in these special touches. If an epic house party is more your style, hire your favorite DJ and a fun bar service. Think about the things you and your guests will be talking about months from now. It’s all about the experience!

Consider Hiring a Professional Photographer to Document Your Engagement Party

Hiring a professional to capture your engagement party is the best way to ensure that you & your families will remember the day forever! Between bridal showers, dress fittings, tastings, and so many more milestones – the time of engagement is so busy. Investing in a photographer ensures that these memories will last forever. 

I am now offering gift cards to help with situations just like this! You can book a session now and we will schedule your date later. Purchase a gift card or get in touch with me for more details.

Enjoy Your Moment

You have the perfect excuse to get dressed up (or down, if that’s your style). Now, you are ready to spend quality time with your guests and each other. Pop that champagne or snag your fav cocktail, then raise a toast, and enjoy!

Don’t feel pressured to “entertain” your guests too much. Chances are, bringing your favorite people together will connect old friends back together and provide a chance for new friendships among your guests!

A guide on how to plan the Perfect Engagement Party by Kirsten Bullard Photography and Embark Event Design

Sarah and I loved putting together this guide for you! We hope it serves you well. To learn more about Sarah’s approach to wedding planning, you can visit the Embark Event Design website or follow her on Instagram @embarkeventdesign.

If you have any questions or would like some input while planning your engagement party, please feel free to get in touch. To learn more about my wedding experience and approach to photography, you can visit my weddings page or find me on Instagram @kirsten.bullard.

We are so happy for you and hope you have an amazing engagement!


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