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Sample Wedding Timeline Without a First Look

For those of you planning a more traditional timeline, without a first look, I’ve put together this sample timeline for you to use as a reference. You can expect to receive a sample timeline specific to your date, venue and personal requests upon booking. Then, we will request your final timeline and work with your coordinator the month or two leading up to your day to make sure we have noted every detail.

Sample Wedding Timeline

1:00pm – Getting Ready

Kirsten and her second photographer will arrive at your getting ready location(s) to style your details and capture the finishing touches while you get ready. Ideally by the time we arrive, hair and makeup is already wrapping up. If something is going to delay the beginning of the day, it’s often beauty, so be sure to communicate this with your stylists and schedule accordingly.

2:00pm – Groom & Groomsmen Depart for Ceremony

2:15pm – Bride & Bridesmaids Depart for Ceremony

3:00pm – Ceremony

3:30pm – Family Portraits

4:00pm – Couples and Wedding Party Portraits

Since there is not usually time for pre-ceremony portraits, we will need to use most of this time to photograph the majority of your portraits. We will do our best to get you to cocktail hour for a few minutes, however, depending on the length of family portraits, we can’t guarantee this.

5:30pm – Introductions

This is typically when your guests are seated, the wedding party lines up and the DJ announces your lineup of friends and family to your guests leading up to the grand entrance when it’s time for you two to enter the reception and get the party started.

6:00pm – Dinner

7:00pm – Sunset Portraits

8:00pm – Dancing

8:30pm – Traditions

This is a great time for cake cutting, parents dances, bouquet toss, or family cultural traditions

9:00pm – Photographers Depart


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